Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Don't Know All About Your Problems - But if You'd Like a Contest I Bet I Win

I was at a weight loss meeting at the hospital today. We were told to arrive a half hour early for weigh-ins. Since this was everyone's first meeting there were a few nervous smiles and not much talk.

Then a man walks in 5 minutes before the program is to start. He huffs his way to a chair without signing or weighing in. Then huffs again after he learns that he has to get up to do those things. He makes sure that everyone in the room knows how hard this whole procedure is for him to go through. And not because he was overweight. HE had to come straight from work and HE didn't realize how long the paperwork was until just before he left work, etc.etc.

During the Q & A session he was told that he should wait to ask his personal questions until it was over to which his response was -- yep -- another HuFF!!

We all know the type. The person who believes that the world should revolve around them. They they're problems are the worst and therefore demand instant responses.

When he was complaining about having to race from work I so wanted to tell him that I would have loved to have been working or even driving. When having to get up from his chair TWICE seemed to be such a nuisance I wished he had been there early enough to watch me maneuver through doing and holding everything while using my walker.

Sometimes I just want to scream "Let's compare problems OK?" I'm sure it wouldn't take too long for mine to trump his.

But I don't. Instead I make sure to shake my head in disgust when he looks my way. But I also make sure to smile and greatly thank some of the others who opened a door for me, or made room for me to walk with my walker.

In one way he's right - I certainly don't want to have HIS troubles. I've got plenty of my own to quietly handle.

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