Saturday, May 12, 2012

Touring the New Hospital

We have a brand new hospital. My doctors all practice out of Silver Cross Hospital. In February they closed the old hospital in Joliet and opened a brand new on in New Lenox just down the road from the old one. It's even a little closer for us.

Quite a few of my friends wondered if I had seen the new hospital yet. We didn't go to the open house and I had only been for a doctor's visit at the clinic that opened two years ago. It was a nice building with very nice offices. And the Women's Health Center is exceptionally nice.

But honestly I really didn't have a huge urge to see the new hospital.

But, in an effort that I'm sure was just to satisfy my inquiring friends, I did pay a visit this past week.

I began my tour in the Emergency Room. Staff was very nice as usual and service was very fast. I do have a little to complain about one of the doctors who didn't seem to listen very well when I told him of symptoms of short blackouts and a feeling of light headiness. Apparently he called my neuro and told him I was dizzy. Duh!  I told him I'm ALWAY DIZZY from the MS. This was definitely not the same.

My next stop was one of the new patient rooms. This was very very nice. Nice colors. Cabinets and a "headboard" type wall area of oak. With cherry wood look flooring. And the bathroom finally had a shower!

Then I got to tour some of the testing facilities. The new MRI is larger and according to the staff is more powerful. From what I could tell, more power equals much louder. I "tested" the machine twice actually. And both times the provided ear plugs seemed almost non-existent.

I was also able to test out the new ultra-sound rooms and staff. Again, it was felt that I should go back a second time. I'm sure that was only so I could meet another one of their lovely staff. Their staff is so nice that one complemented me on my "beautiful carotids". I replied "Gee, no one has ever told me that before."

Another testing section that I had the pleasure to tour was the Neurological Testing area. Again, to make sure I appreciated the experience of the staff, I submitted myself to one of their tests. This one was my first EEG. Although the application and removal of twenty-six sticky nodes all over my head was a little strange. It was easy even for me to simply lie there for what seemed like a while in a dark room with my eyes closed. Oh sure, there was a few "open your eyes now close them" commands. The flashing light they used at the end was only slightly annoying and almost interesting to view the patterns it seemed to make behind my eyelids. The congenial staff member thanked me when I was done. I'm sure she was simply showing appreciation to being able to glimpse into what I'm sure is a rather intriguing brain.

Of course, while I was there I let other staff show me how the new hospital works. Everyone was very nice. Even the ones who seemed to take their training from vampires. These would come into my dark room at an hour that they insisted was morning to torture me with needles and finally suck the blood right out of my veins. They did perform their tasks with speed and efficiency so I admit I even have to give this department a good score.

Alas, not all of the new hospital is exactly new and improved. I was able to sample several creations from the culinary department. Certain adjectives definitely CANNOT describe the food - changed, tasty or variably textured are some of them. In other words - YUCH!

Over all I liked the new hospital. They were even kind enough to point out a few new ways my body has chosen to disappoint me. But now that I am aware of new challenges I can add and change my daily arsenal of attack pills and even add a nice new doctor to my contacts list.

While I don't recommend a trip to the new hospital, it is not a bad place to visit as an emergency destination.

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