Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Celebrating is not only OK, it's Required!

Once my mom told me "Don't be too happy about good things. That will only give you further to fall when something bad happens."

OK, it was not exactly a good environment in which to grow up. But I'll cover that in a different blog.

But after reading Nicole Lemelle's blog today (http://www.mynewnormals.com/should-be-enough/) it reminded me of my mother's philosophy. And I thank God that I didn't share her belief then or especially now.

I have generally taken the opposite approach - Celebrate even the small stuff because it will help get you through the hard stuff.

That has never served me better than now with my MS. I can have some really bad times. Days even. When I know I'm getting worse from both my further lack of abilities to the increasing pain. And yes, that does depress me.

But to get out of it I try to find something to smile and be happy about. I told you about them in my blog I titled My Blessings (http://mesmolinski.blogspot.com/2011/08/my-blessings.html ). I guess this blog is just another reminder of the good things I have.

But I think finding something - anything - to think and smile about is so important to everyone. I'd love to have one of those little poppers to shoot off when I needed to. But when I think of all of the mess it would make I'll just have to keep a mental video of one in my head.

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