Friday, November 27, 2015

I Don't Have the Answers -- But I know it is not MORE HATE

Of course I watch and read the news -- terrorism, war, urban shootings and all kinds of violence. It makes me feel horrible. I really wish we could find wise people who would seriously consider solutions. I know I don't have solutions.

But I do know one very important thing -- the right solutions will not be based upon HATE!

I'm not naive. I know that bad and violent people have to be stopped. But apparently we haven't learned that hatred and violence are taught. And those that are hopeless and frightened are the most susceptible to those teachings.

Even here, in a land of supposed freedom and opportunity, those that espouse hatred and violence are the ones that view things around them as hopeless or frightening. And of course there are more than a few who know that kindling that hatred creates followers of those that are looking for ways to cure their hopelessness and fright.

What's the difference between a gang leader who builds his gang by claiming that violence to their enemies and suppressors will lead to riches and acceptance... and a politician who claims that hatred, war and  prejudice are the keys to our country's future? Both are building their egos and fortunes on the backs of those looking for easy solutions.

When does building walls and weapons actually really make us safer?  Instead of adding more anger and perseverance to those who have been kept outside?  This creates two kind of haters. Both then turn to leaders.

Some of those leaders will promise to build stronger walls and weapons. They tell the frightened people inside that they are safer and therefore superior to those outside.

But there are other leaders on the other side of those walls who whip up the fright, hopelessness and anger there to find ways to break down those walls. build even stronger weapons, and to use any subterfuge necessary to disrupt the lives of those who feel so blissfully safe and superior inside.

Hasn't history taught us that the truly intelligent share resources and education? Opening up minds and hearts to different ideas improves all and forms a much stronger base for the future.

Hate is never overcome by more hate. If people worked together on solutions that actually improve the lives of the hopeless, wouldn't that make it easier to overcome the evil and haters?

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