Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Life is Perfect!

I heard or read the other day that nobody's life could be as perfect as their Facebook posts make it appear to be. I immediately thought -- "Mine IS!"

Just then I turned and looked over at my walker.

Well, maybe my life isn't perfect after all. But in so many ways and at so many times it really does seem to be - at least to me.

Yes, I have an unnamed illness that seems quite a lot like MS but many neurologists insist that it isn't MS. Except for some neurologists who think that it might be some type of MS. But whatever it is, there doesn't seem to be any treatment any of them are willing to try that may work. Yeah, I guess that's not exactly perfect.

And this unknown illness makes me dizzy all of the time so I don't dare drive and requires me to use this walker. It doubles my vision so I have to concentrate extra hard just to read anything. And it makes parts of my body spasm up then hurt like crazy, while other parts of my body can never get warmed up. OK, that's kind of crummy.

But instead of worrying about all of that, I choose to think about all of the wonderful and perfect things in my life.

Joe has to be one of the best husbands in the world. He's handsome, funny, caring and loving. He worked so hard to provide a wonderful life for Phil and I. And now that he's retired he's become cook, housekeeper, chauffeur, caregiver and more because I can't do those things anymore. He'll do anything for his family. And he'll go a long way to help out his friends.

My son, Phil, has grown to be an incredible man. I am so proud to see him with his wife and son. He's learned a lot from his Dad. He works hard at his job, but his family is the most important thing in his life.

I have good friends even if I do now have to use Facebook to connect with many of them. And I've gotten to meet more new friends through my MS Aqua that Joe takes me to three days a week.

Speaking of MS Aqua and Yoga, it's been so wonderful to have found a way to move and exercise this body. I've built up more strength rather than just losing it.

I've found or gotten back to some great hobbies. My family tree is growing huge and I love finding out more and more about my past relations. Our photos are getting preserved electronically (well, I have to get back to that a little more). Crocheting actually helps to warm up my hands besides allowing me to make the cutest things for our grandson, Max.

And then there is Max. Just looking at him or photos of him make be feel so good. Hugging and playing with him is more wonderful than I even imagined.

Those perfect things are what I choose to think about all day. So yes, I have the perfect life. The rest is just static that I can usually keep in the background.

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