Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fix it or Forget It

I have the progressive form of MS. That means I just keep rolling down the hill as far as my symptoms go. But I still often wonder... can I fix it? Or should I just realize that what's gone is gone, forget trying to fix it, and just concentrate on living with what I have left?

Take my legs for example. They have been feeling weaker and much more clumsy in the past several months. My doctors, Joe and I were hoping that the weight loss from the lap band surgery and diet would alleviate some of the problems. But it didn't. 

Quite a bit of the time I feel like my legs are getting weaker than ever. My spasms are definitely getting worse. So does that mean the MS is doing a pretty good job of robbing me of my legs? Or do I need to work more on strength exercises for my legs?

Any exercising makes me tired, sore, and even weaker right afterward. But I would put more effort into it if I knew it would make a positive difference. I just wish there was someway to know right now whether I can fix it or just forget it.

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