Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reasoning with a 3 year old

A posting on Facebook brought to mind another of my favorite stories.

When Phillip was three we were going to take a trip to Disney World. But a few days before we left he did something which resulted in earning him a Time Out.

At that time we owned the large orange couch you see to the right. Time Outs were served by him sitting on the middle cushion. It as far enough from the arms to prevent much playing and as you can see his feet didn't come near anything else. And since he was 3 his sentence would have been three minutes. During which the following conversation took place:

Me (mom): I am so mad at you now I'm almost thinking of not taking you to Disney World.

Phillip: But you have too.

Me: I do not have too.

P: Yes you do. You already have the tickets

M: That doesn't mean I have to take you. I don't really care if we take Motley (our dog) right now.

P: You can't take Motley

M: Why not?

P: She's a dog. They don't let dogs into Disney World.

M: What about Pluto? He's a dog and he's at Disney World.

P: Yes, but Pluto walks on only 2 feet in Disney World. Motley walks on 4 paws. They don't let dogs that have paws into Disney World.

The end. I couldn't think of a come back.

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