Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh the Things I No Longer Need

The other day Joe ruined my nice 9 X 13" cake pan. He certainly didn't mean to and tried his best to get it clean. But it was done.

My reaction? A sigh and "Do you want to pick up a new one or do you just want me to order one?"

His answer took me by surprise, but I guess it shouldn't have.

So much of what I just wrote shows one of the ways I often can't seem to realize how MS has changed my -- well really OUR -- lives.

Joe used to cook. When we were first married I worked downtown but Joe worked in the suburbs much closer to home. Joe would get home first and make dinner. Then I'd cook on the weekends. Then Joe also got a job downtown, we had Phil, etc., etc. and I did all of the cooking. But now I can't use two hands to do anything so my cooking has really been thrown out the window. And Joe has wonderfully taken over.

Then I said that he was using MY pan. Although I may not cook or drive, I still seem to lay claim to all of the things I used. It's MY car. Everything in the kitchen is MINE.  Even though Joe drives the car all of the time and I've already explained about the cooking.

And finally, asking Joe to pick one up? Me offering to order one? Since I don't drive, Joe does all of the usual shopping. And Amazon Prime delivers almost everything else. No more browsing through stores for me. Comparison shopping means reading the online reviews.

So what was Joe's reply? "What did you use it for and will I really use it myself?" When I said "cakes and lasagna". He said nope, don't plan on making them. End of conversation.

But for me it was actually one more small loss. I look at ads for things I had always wanted but never had like a KitchenAid Mixer. But now I think how nice that WOULD have been.

It probably sounds stupid or weird. But it's just one of those little things that make me just sigh.

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