Saturday, December 15, 2012

My View of the Soul

I'm really not sure if I read this somewhere or if the idea just came to me. I know I had read that the density of a black hole is infinite. I read it described as the density of the star that had become the black hole had been compressed into almost nothing.

If you really knew me you'd know that my brain constantly takes one idea and runs away with it. Well, somewhere along the path it took after reading about the black hole I came to this thought and the more I stayed and rattled this around my brain it made more and more sense.

What if the soul was just a piece of energy?
What if when we die this single bit of energy is release from our bodies? And .....

Does what?  Goes where?

My first thoughts were very dark and negative. I recalled the notion that when we die we become a new star in the sky. That idea just didn't seem right. But what if our piece of energy was trapped after our death. Even it became part of a star, if that star burst into the nothingness of a black hole could the soul's energy be trapped forever? That this could be the hell to which a soul could be damned seemed like it could be true.


What if the soul of a good and deserving person simply was free to do what it wanted and needed? Could it then be anywhere? Be aware of everything? How incredible and wondrous that would be! A real heaven!

And what if it could then pull other bits of this same energy together? Work together so to speak. To provide a type of presence. Would that be the warmth I know I feel when I ask for help and comfort from loved ones who have died?

Once this thought came to me I was immediately peaceful and yet almost elated at the idea. It seemed to answer so much, as least for me.

Although I still feel awkward speaking about and explaining this idea, I have been trying to convey it to people I know. Especially to those that have been through a great loss of a loved one. Or in times like today when many of us are mourning a great tragedy.

I am hoping that I can give the comfort to others that this idea now gives to me.

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