Friday, September 14, 2012

An Idea for a Great New Business

The day before yesterday I had idea for a great new business focus. It would have been a great fit for Smolinski Consulting (my independent computer consulting in my former life). Yesterday I was getting more excited about the idea and started formulating a business plan.

I know what it will take, who the target customers would be, the types of roles that the business would require and even some people that would fit well into those roles. I'm not quite sure if the idea would take off, but I even know a potential customer I could approach to get more information and offer a deal to work with that company to make sure my idea was right on and would fly. I'm even sure that customer would be able to recommend my new venture to other potential customers.

It is exciting thinking about how this could be helpful to new customers and could grow. And I know I don't have the whole plan ready yet but it would be fun to put it all together.

Of course there is one problem...

My MS ---  @#*@&#!

Yes, I know that I retired Smolinski Consulting 5 years ago although it's hard to believe it's been that long. But since then my new companion, MS, has introduced itself to me and insists on being with me constantly.

With my MS, I was realizing that even though I found the idea exciting and compelling I was still spacing out in the middle of writing things down. Heck, I even space out in the middle writing anything, even emails.

And then there is the fatigue. I truly believe that the more concentration I need to use for something - anything and everything - directly relates to the speed and intensity of the fatigue that MS sends my way. I'm at the point while typing this that when I closed my eyes to think of a word my eyes just wanted to stay closed for a bit longer.

So even though I practically know it would be a successful venture, it will only gather the digital equivalent of dust while the plan sits on my hard drive. But I'm still not going to say what it's about. It would be nice if I could convince someone else to pursue it.

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