Thursday, March 8, 2012

Where Baby Chicks Come From

When Phillip was young his best friend, Matt, lived next door. Matt proudly assumed his role as the older and wiser of the pair. He did beat Phillip by about six months and because of that was a grade higher.

One late spring the two were eating lunch at our house. I was doing something at the sink or stove with my back to them.

Matt was explaining to my first grader,  Phillip, that the second graders got to hatch baby chicks right in the classroom. Each student has a small incubator with an egg on the class's window sill.

"But these eggs are special because they are fertilized.  Do you know how they get fertilized?"

"No? How? "

"The rooster fertilizes the eggs! " And Matt then paused probably allowing for his young student to think about this.

But then Matt continued "Wouldn't it be funny if that's how babies were made? If the Dad had to spread fertilizer over the Mom? "

This thought made them both laugh a little. But I had to excuse myself to practically run to another room so they couldn't hear my reaction.

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